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The Proper Way of Cleaning Your Glass Mirrors

The Proper Way of Cleaning Your Glass Mirrors

No matter how diligently you clean your windows, there will always be streaks. Your irate visage is reflected in the mirror as you feverishly try to wipe the smudges away, mocking you every time you do your house cleaning in Los Angeles. Here’s how to use vinegar to clean mirrors and achieve a streak-free finish.

How to Use Vinegar to Clean Glass and Mirrors

Use water and a little vinegar to clean your mirrors and glass by following these steps.

Spray bottle with vinegar and water mixture

Using your spray bottle, mix a solution of one part vinegar with four parts water to form a spray solution. It is a good idea to always keep vinegar in your cupboard because it can be used for a number of unexpected purposes.

Spray down the windows or the mirrors

Apply your vinegar cleaner solution using a spray bottle over the entire area. If there is a lot of dirt, dust, and accumulation, use a firmer touch. Additionally, this solution can clean glass light fixtures, stovetops, and shower doors.

Clean it off

With a cotton towel or a balled-up newspaper, clean the window or the mirror. Work from one side to the other in a sweeping motion as if you were making a giant figure 8 during your housekeeping. Once you’ve covered the entire area, start near the top and move downward.

Let the surface dry naturally.

Letting the surface air dry is the greatest method for preventing bothersome lint and residue. You can tidy the environment around you, prepare a snack, or do anything else you choose in the interim.

How to Clean an Extra-Dirty Mirror or Window

The following procedures can be used to remove caked-on buildup or heavy smoke films from mirrors and windows.

Cotton-tipped rubbing alcohol pad usage

We’ve all tried to remove stuck-on gunk off bathroom mirrors, such as toothpaste splatters, lipstick smudges, or hairspray. Use a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn crud.

With Vinegar, Mist

Spray the entire surface with the vinegar cleaner solution until it is completely saturated.

Use a Non-Scratch Scour Sponge to Clean

Use a non-scratch scour sponge’s scrubby side to scrub the entire window or mirror for deep cleaning. Heavy-duty scour sponges will scratch glass; always seek for “all-purpose” or “non-scratch” on the label.

Squeegee Water Out

To get rid of extra water, use a little squeegee.

Use overlapping, horizontal strokes.

Dry the squeegee blade in between swipes as you move horizontally and overlappingly from one side of the glass sheet to the other.

Clean it off

Remove any additional moisture from the edges by using a cotton towel for a cleaner result.

Last-minute lint check

Make sure all the lint and streaks are removed after it has dried, and then wipe down any lingering stains.

Deep Cleaning Advice for Mirrors

Treat Remaining Smudges in Spots With a Microfiber Cloth

After your initial attempt, if any sneaky, persistent spots remain on the glass, wipe them off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Any remaining lint should be picked off with a cotton towel.

During housekeeping, check the surface with a dry cotton towel after you are certain it is entirely dry. You will just move the lint if you try to buff the glass while it is still wet. In this case, microfiber cloths can also be used, however, because of the static cling, they frequently contribute additional lint.

Examine Your Newspaper

For deep cleaning of the mirror, the crumpled-up newspaper can be used in lieu of a lint-free cloth. But be aware that petroleum-based ink must be used in place of soy. Test a tiny area first if you’re unsure to make sure no residue is left behind.

Use a toothbrush to get corners.

Brush every crevice of a framed mirror after dipping a toothbrush in rubbing alcohol to remove residue and lint that won’t come off.

Finally, be aware that battling lint and other nagging issues around the house is common (the struggle is real). In addition to expertly deep cleaning the remainder of your property, you can also contact a nearby service for house cleaning to handle it for you. Happy scrubbing!

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