5 Features to Check While Choosing Drapery for Windows
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5 Features to Check While Choosing Drapery for Windows

Your home is where you can relax completely, so you want to ensure that it is an environment you absolutely adore. Your home’s windows need to be protected to maintain your privacy. Window drapery can help maintain your home privacy and keep your home beautiful.

Whether you choose to purchase drapery by Stoneside or somewhere else, you need to know what features to check out. When you don’t check these features out before purchasing, your drapery might not be ideal for your home.

Options Available

When purchasing drapery for windows, you have to ensure that you look at all available options. You don’t want to settle on one option and find out something else is better. Some options you can find:

  • Drapery panels
  • Custom drapery
  • Wide width sheer drapery

You also need to ensure that you have the proper drapery hardware to fit them into your windows. If you need help, reaching out to an expert from the business you’re buying from is always a good idea.


Finding custom drapery for your windows is ideal when you’re looking to have it in your home over the next few years. You don’t want to buy drapery that won’t fit your windows correctly and leaves room for improvement. Any drapery you choose for your windows should look like it was made for your home.

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You can ensure that any room in your house makes a statement when you have suitable custom drapes. Ideally, you ought to look for a business that can provide a consultant to guide you through the whole customization process.

Window Treatments

Depending on the type of drapes you are getting, you might require additional window treatments to be added in as well. You can purchase drapes that have been treated for UV protection to ensure the safety of your furnishings. You can ask a consultant which type of treatments they think will be ideal for your home.

The amount of sunlight your home receives can also factor in what kind of treatment you should be looking into getting. Interior climate control is also possible when choosing the right business to purchase from.

Price and Quality

Price plays a crucial factor when you’re looking to get drapery by Stoneside or any other business. The last thing anyone wishes is to pay hundreds of dollars for drapery that doesn’t look good and fades within a few months. You shouldn’t be paying more than necessary for your window drapery.

Ensure that you’re looking through the entire selection to understand how the business is pricing its products. Features like automation will increase costs but lessen the effort for you. Doing a quick and comprehensive search on the Internet should show you the average prices for window drapery.


You don’t want to buy drapery that will be ripping or become unusable after a few months. To ensure durability, you will have to review the business and its past work.

You can accurately assess how well a business is doing and the quality of its work by looking through its past work. You can trust a business to provide durable solutions when they have a lot of happy clients.

When you keep these features in mind, finding the proper drapery for your home will be a piece of cake!