5 Signs There’s a Dying Tree in Your Yard
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5 Signs There’s a Dying Tree in Your Yard

Homeowners with trees on their properties often bond with them. The last thing many homeowners want is to cut a tree down and remove it from their yard.

However, ignoring a dying tree is never the way to go. Dying trees rot and fall over in storms. They fall by themselves too, given enough time.

If you don’t take care of dead and dying trees, they might crush your house, a car, or worse—a pet or person. They also take down power lines and cause road hazards. Keep these key signs of a dying tree in mind.

1. Noticing More Fallen Branches Than Usual?

If you find yourself spending more and more time in the yard cleaning up branches, one or more of your trees could be dying. Branches on dead and dying trees are dryer, lighter, and more brittle than downed branches from healthy trees.

2. A Dying Tree Drops Leaves in All Seasons

Another pesky yard clean-up task that could be a sign of a dying tree is raking dead leaves all year round. If it seems too early or late in the year for fallen leaves, you might be right.

Leaves on unhealthy trees are often shriveled and discolored. Keeping an eye on leaf condition gives you a chance to heal sick trees before they die.

3. Is the Trunk in Good Shape?

If a tree’s bark is falling apart and the trunk is full of holes, it’s not in great condition. Trees full of holes and bugs are great habitats for animals, so it can be tempting to keep them around.

Call a tree removal and pruning company if you have a tree like that in a place where it could fall on anything or anyone. Weakened trunks fall faster than healthy ones do. No backyard wildlife is worth a tree crashing into your living room during a storm.

4. Is the Tree Leaning More These Days?

When your beloved oak is looking more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t hesitate if you see this sign—This is when to remove a tree because it could fall at any time.

Trees are opportunistic and sometimes do end up growing in funny ways. Some landscapes and healthy root systems do produce the appearance that a tree is leaning.

Chances are higher that the roots are brittle and can’t hold the tree in the ground. The best way to be sure is to call an expert for a root system evaluation.

5. Mushrooms Around a Tree Are Bad News

Mushrooms growing in your yard might look whimsical and could be good for eating. They’re also one of the number one signs of a dead tree or one that’s dying. Get a check-up for your tree if they keep popping up.

Be Your Home’s Best Friend

These noteworthy signs of a dying tree are a good sign it’s time to call a professional. Getting a dying tree out of your yard sooner than later could prevent disaster if the tree were to fall over and hit your home.

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