6 Essential Tools For Painting Your Home
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6 Essential Tools For Painting Your Home

You can paint your home yourself and thereby save large amount of money. Painting is a kind of art using which you can create even designs on the walls of your home – to make them look attractive. If you are not interested in designs and want to just give simple colours to your walls then the job can be easily done. You only need certain tools for doing the painting job effectively yourself.

The 7 tools used for painting your home neatly and well are:

  1. Paint
  2. Paint roller
  3. Angular paint brush
  4. Big bucket
  5. Drop clothes
  6. Thinner
  7. Paint trays


Paint is the most important thing needed when you are about to paint your home. Buy paints that are cost effective but never compromise on its quality. Stoving Paints Exporter in Punjab offers you with good stoving paints that make your home look highly charming. Gather A-one paints and paint your home flawlessly with the help of tools mentioned below.

Paint roller

The paint roller is dipped into the paint and is used for painting the walls and other areas of your home. Paint roller helps you in easily & equally distributing the paint over surfaces. The roller is rolled over the surface to be painted after being dipped in the paint. This causes the paint spread over the walls and other surfaces easily consuming lesser time and effort.

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Angular paint brush

Some areas have to be painted with extreme care. Use angular paint brush in such areas. Angular painting brush gives better control over your painting activity.

Big bucket

Put all the paint form various paint cans into one bucket and mix properly using a stirrer. This makes sure that the paint colour remains consistent throughout areas – wherever a particular colour has to be painted. Therefore use large buckets for mixing paints well before using them as it helps in mixing paints in the right proportion for getting uniform colour pattern on your walls.

Drop clothes

Use drop cloths to cover the furniture and also floors before starting to paint. This makes sure that the paint does not drop on the furniture. Thus it saves your time from unwanted cleaning processes – cleaning of paint from the unexpectedly dropped portions of furniture and floors.


Thinner is used for making the paint easily spreadable over surfaces. Buy stoving thinner from Stoving thinner Suppliers in India and mix it with your stoving paint. This helps the paint to spread over walls & other surfaces smoothly – while using paint sprayer – giving it a great look. Thinners are solvents that dilute paint and can be used for cleaning paint too.

Paint trays

Rollers are used with paint trays mostly. Paint is poured on the paint trays. Then the rollers are rolled on the paint in the paint tray. This spreads paint on the rollers and also helps in removing excess amount of present on a particular area of the roller. Paint trays are handy and are very easy to use. They help you in doing the painting task with utmost efficiency.

The above 7 tools helps you in doing the painting job effectively consuming minimum time and effort. You can save much money if you do the painting job of your home yourself. Use large buckets to mix the paint well. Mix the paint with thinners to make it lesser viscous and then spread the paint easily on your wall using paint sprayers. You can also paint with the help of a paint roller and paint tray. Make sure that the paint do not fall on you furniture, floors etc by using drop clothes to cover your furniture and floors. Use angular paint brush for having better control over your painting job. Paint your home well and enjoy the time spent in your self-painted home.