7 Amazing Ideas For Sliding Closet Doors!
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7 Amazing Ideas For Sliding Closet Doors!

Ready to renovate your bedroom and get that new look? We’re here with our list of the seven best ideas to renovate your closet with sliding doors. Save up more space in your room with these renovative ideas. Our list of these seven modern ideas will add an aesthetic affect to your rooms.

1-Double Panel, Single Opening

The number one option on our list that is a great space saving hack itself is the double panel sliding closet door. You must be wondering how you could save up space in your room. The idea of  removing a wooden door and replacing it with a sliding one might not sound space saving to those who have small closets. For smaller closets, a double panel sliding door with a single opening is a perfect idea. It doesn’t cover up much space and at the same time it also offers a modern look to your room.

2-Double Panel, Double opening

This next idea is suitable for all kinds of closets. Whether you want a big closet door or a small one. This idea fits all categories. For a double panel, double opening sliding closet door, you’ll be able to slide both the panels. There isn’t space required as well. This is why it only offers a single opening at a time. You may slide one panel at a time to a side to gain access to that specific side of the wardrobe. For each side you could slide the panel facing it. In this way, you can avail a double opening while saving up your space too.

3-Four Panels Sliding Door

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A four panel sliding door is a perfect choice if you are willing to go for something more modern and royal at the same time. A four panel sliding door is suitable for bigger closets with a large opening. If you go with this idea, you’ll get a very spacious look for your room along with a great aesthetic effect. A four panel sliding door offers a double opening. Both the panels in the middle can be moved at the same time offering a double opening.

4-Pocket Sliding Door

Another modern and aesthetic idea for a sliding closet door is a pocket sliding door. It is one of the most popular architectural ideas for a sliding closet door. If you are going for a renovation with a bigger budget, then this idea is a must have on your list. The pocket sliding door is basically installed with door sized empty areas, that are called pockets, in the walls. Once the doors are opened, they slide into the spaces designed for them in the walls. It is a little expensive but a good one to try.

5-Single Panel Sliding Door

One of the cheapest ideas that you could go with are the single sliding barn doors. If you have a small room and want to save up maximum space, then you must take this idea home with you. These sliding doors are not only space saving but also extremely cheap. They have a very low maintenance and installation cost as well. Single sliding barn doors cover up only as much area as a regular wooden closet door. But because of their sliding motion, they save up more space. They come with a real/ track above the door. The door slides over it. It is a perfect fit for a traditional home!

6-Three Panels, One Opening

A smart way to utilize less space with a decent and space saving idea is a triple panel sliding glass door. A triple panel sliding glass door offers you many designs and advantages. With a more modern look to the room, it also adds more space inside your closet. This design has two immobile panels that remain fixed. While one sliding panel slides to one of the two sides over the other panel. With a single opening, it offers a small pathway to the closet but at the same time, makes the closet look bigger as well. For a modern house built over a small area, this is a smart idea.

7-Three Sliding Panels

If you have a house with longer closet openings but at the same time don’t want to go with the four panel idea that has two immobile and two mobile doors, then this shall be your favorite pick. The Three sliding panels design offers you a double as well as a single opening depending upon your need. In this design, all the panels are moveable and slide over the trail above and below them. Three trails are adjacently adjusted and all the three doors are present one ahead of the other. These doors take more installation area but at the same time offer more advantages as well. You may slide a single panel to a side or you may move two panels to a side. The panels may be moved to the right or the left, as per your need.

Above were the seven most suitable sliding doors for different kinds of houses. Whether you’ve got a traditional place or a modern house, the sliding closet doors mentioned above can fit in! Once you’ve chosen your design, you must choose your doors too. Some closets look better with sliding wooden doors while some go with PVC doors. The most modern selection is sliding glass doors.

Mirror Glass Door

A sliding mirror glass door for your closets is a perfect choice to make. Especially for those who have a smaller room, the mirror effect of your closet door will make your room look more spacious and bright at the same time. A mirror sliding glass door also works great to check out your day to day outfits in.

Translucent Doors

Modern sliding glass doors are not only available in mirror frames but also in translucent ones. You could easily go with a translucent glass door for your closet by choosing a milky glass, frosted glass or smoked glass. Just choose the one that goes well with your room!