An Informative Guide On How Technology Has Advanced the Locksmith Industry
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An Informative Guide On How Technology Has Advanced the Locksmith Industry

Locksmithing has been around since ancient times and traditional methods of this profession have evolved over the centuries to keep up with modern technology. For many, having the best locks and security measures is a must. Here is how technology has advanced the locksmith industry to bring you the lock and key advances you have access to today.

Find A Locksmith 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

In this day and age, we are lucky enough to have the internet at our fingertips which means we can find a locksmith in a matter of seconds if we get locked out. Before this, if you got locked out and the only telephone you had was inside, you would either have to break in or go to someone’s house to use their phone. If you did find a locksmiths number, the chances of them answering or coming out to help after business hours were slim. Nowadays, almost all locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency lockout services, and they can get to you within the hour.

Most Competitive Price

The internet allows locksmiths to advertise their services on an array of online platforms, bringing them maximum exposure. You as the consumer can greatly benefit from the amount of competition there is. You can quickly compare quotes from different companies from anywhere and at any time. Today, locksmiths will offer competitive deals and guarantees to secure your business whereas many years ago, before the internet this wasn’t standard practice.

So, What Can You Expect with Modern Technology Locksmithing?

Advanced Key Cutting

A professional locksmith can help you with traditional services such as locks and keys, however the way they cut keys has been transformed. You can expect modern locksmiths to use state of the art key cutting machines which allows them to duplicate a key with exact precision. This means your key turn will perfectly the first time. Outdated machines cannot cut keys to this standard and because of this, keys were notorious for getting stuck or sticking, making it hard to unlock the door.

Restricted Keying Systems

Restricted keying systems use high tech software to provide a high-security solution for your home or business. The keys have intricate and unique designs which makes it extremely difficult to pick the locks. You can customise who can access certain areas of your business with restricted key systems. Locksmiths adhere to a strict code of ethics which means the locks will never be copied by another locksmith who is not authorised to do so.

Automotive Locksmithing

Some have the misconception that only car dealers can cut motor vehicle keys although, this isn’t the case, well, not anymore. Today, locksmiths are equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to provide replacement car keys and the added bonus of calling a locksmith instead a car dealership is that they can come to you and help you on the spot. Car dealers usually need you to take the car to them which means getting it towed.

Electronic Locking Systems

In recent years electronic locking systems have revolutionised the way locksmiths do their work. Many are converting to this technology rather than having a traditional key. They generally have digital keypads and rather than using a key to gain access, a code is punched in instead. This code can be interchanged which makes them popular with people renting out their house through Airbnb. There’s no risk of guests getting a key cut and you don’t have to worry about meeting them in person to give them the key. Locksmiths know how to fit, install, and repair electronic locking systems quickly and correctly.

Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint sensors are a relatively new innovation and in the time they have been around, they have proved to be very popular. They work by scanning the fingerprints of the occupants and once the print is recognised, it will unlock the door. As fingerprints are unique, it protects the home from unwanted intruders. Locksmiths have had to learn about how they work, how to install them and make repairs.

Smart Locks

For most of us, smart technology is implemented in our everyday lives in one way or another and you can control virtually everything in your home using it, including your locks. Smart locks connect to your Bluetooth and can lock your door instantaneously when you are a certain distance from your home and unlock as you approach. You can also control your locks using a voice assistant. Your trusted locksmith can set this up for you.

Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic locks are usually found in workplaces and the door will only unlock if the person trying to gain access has the right credentials to do so. They are a great way to prevent unauthorised access to certain areas.

The Future of Locksmithing

If the history of locksmithing has taught us anything, it is that it will continue to change to meet new and advanced ways of keeping our homes and property secure. Who knows, decades down the track we may not even use keys anymore and locksmiths will have to adapt along the way as they have done. Technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate and locksmiths are constantly updating their skills, so they don’t fall behind. Need a locksmith? Contact the Gold Coasts most trusted locksmith company here at Express Locksmith Gold Coast for your free quote.