Benefits Of Turf Aeration & How Can You Do It?
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Benefits Of Turf Aeration & How Can You Do It?

If you want your lawn to look visually appealing no doubt turf aeration will make a difference. It is important to give your lawn some space to breathe. You need to make sure that it gets proper nutrients and looks vibrant. Turf aeration will prevent problems like fungal diseases and bare patches. Sometimes dryness is caused due to drainage problems and you need to keep your lawn safe.

What Is Turf Aeration?

Turf Aeration is popularly known as soil cultivation. It is a process that will remove small holes of turn within your garden. The best thing is that it will allow the root system to extract oxygen to the fullest. These small holes from the turf will be easy to remove with the help of a lawn coring machine. There is no doubt aeration will help the roots grow stronger and healthier. You can keep your lawn lush all around the year and get the best results.

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Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

If you notice some changes in your turf and it has a thick layer of thatch, you need to do something about it. The packed soil beneath the turf can cause a lot of problems. It will not let your lawn get proper nutrients. When your lawn gets enough oxygen to breathe it will look vibrant and healthy. If this isn’t enough aeration will reduce the soil compaction too. Homeowners like to improve the drought resistance and make the roof systems stronger than before. The turf root system will grow without any blockage. As the roots keep spreading they will cover up the holes too.

How can you do Turf Aeration?

It is challenging to do turf aeration on your own. The best idea is to call up the Focal point team. They offer the best of services and will make your lawn feel brand new. You will be happy to know that they use high-end coring lawn machines to complete the process. These machines will make the perfect holes and give a new life to your turf.

If the weather conditions favor it will give you favorable results within 3-4 weeks. It is important to take care of your garden as it will enhance the overall beauty of your home. You can spend quality time on the lawn and hold barbeque sessions with your friends and family. However, if you don’t like small holes in your garden, you can try filling them up with soil.