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Creating Affordable Home Décor With Pallets

Over the past few decades, unusual furniture and home décor elements have become more common in creative circles. Alternative ways to integrate fabrics and elements from everyday life into different home spaces have been found by both experienced interior designers and DIY enthusiasts.

More than collecting and throwing items away, the latest trend of repurposing and recycling has also had a major impact on the field of interior design. More individuals are getting used to otherwise wasteful items being renovated and reused. One such example is pallets. They were deemed uncomfortable to store and impossible to dispose of just a few years ago. Now, in various bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, they have become staples.

For the Bedroom:

Do you feel like it doesn’t suit your current budget to invest in luxury bed furnishings? The solution to your bedroom styling dilemma could be pallets.

· Bed Frame

It is difficult to get a solid bed frame. Metal ones are perfect for retaining a lot of weight, but they can become rusty and not fit every decor. It is not only inexpensive, but also surprisingly simple to build your bed frame from wooden pallets. You can enjoy a bonus storage room without investing a penny on it if you can strategically arrange the pallets.

· Headboard

Complete your bed with a pallet headboard for an authentic rustic vibe. According to your tastes, you can sand and stain. You can paint the individual pallet planks in playful tones and turn your headboard into a statement piece if your bedroom colours are quite bland.

· Dresser

It is feasible to turn your old wooden pallets into a classy dresser. It takes a bit of time, mathematical skills and creativity to do the process.

To disassemble the pallets and scale them accordingly, you will also need wood cutting equipment/machinery. Then, the desired patterns would require you to sand and paint. As they need additional reinforcement at the bottom, be careful with the drawers.

For Kitchen and Dining Areas:

Perhaps you imagine a spacious oak table every time you approach your meals at your kitchen counter, it’s still possible to achieve your dream even if your current finances disagree with the idea. A few wooden pallets and your imagination are everything you need.

· Restaurant table & seating area

You would need some additional instruments other than the pallet(s) to assemble a dining table and the remainder of the seating arrangements. Nails, sanders, a drill, a saw, protective gear, and supplies for painting will be needed. It is advisable to use durable materials for the legs. Although reinforced wooden planks may do the job, for your dining arrangements, pre-made metal or durable wooden bases may be much better.

· Decorations for Kitchens

If you have never liked the generic pieces of wall decor from traditional furniture stores, it might be time to repurpose those wooden pallets that have been sitting for a whole season in your backyard. What can you do with them that will complement the theme of your kitchen?

· Lampshades

You can try hanging them in the washroom or dining area if you don’t think wooden lampshades can fit in seamlessly with your living room arrangements. Your creativity, design, and skills rely on the colour and shape.