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Effective Tips for Designing a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

Are you dreaming of intricate details for your kitchen design?

You may be spellbound with beautiful kitchen designs because modern technology and production techniques often translate into a great kitchen. But, we often overlook that the more a kitchen design has intricate details, the more it requires regular maintenance.

That leaves homeowners a little puzzled.

However, modern kitchen designs also have evolved a long way, requiring minimum maintenance. You only need to pay attention to some key design elements inside the kitchen. These elements will help you build a kitchen that is low on maintenance and looks stunningly beautiful and modern.

While designing a low-maintenance kitchen, there are a lot of right ideas to pick from. You can install a natural wood kitchen cabinet as your main cabinetry. They are strong, durable, and easy to maintain. They can easily fit into different styles.

Besides, you can get the right kitchen design and set your flooring options well. Choose the right backsplashes, etc. All these will help you design a kitchen space for your home that will be a low-maintenance cooking space in the long run.

Here, we will discuss these interesting design options in detail.

How Do You Build A Low Maintenance Kitchen?

What makes a good kitchen? Its design focuses on some universal design principles. So, you might be wondering does a good low-maintenance kitchen design also focus on those principles? The answer is absolutely yes. Let us see how you can build one.

1.   Choose The Right Cabinets

This one is the base on which the entire kitchen design will stand. Start with choosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen.

A natural wood kitchen cabinet is a good choice. It is durable, sturdy, has vast functionality, and can adapt to various kitchen styles. It also gives your kitchen its own identity with its natural grain patterns and look.

It can be stained or painted. But ensure it is a glossy finish. It will help clean the grease, oil, and splatters from cooking activities easily.

2.   Choose The Right Kitchen Design Layout

Choosing the correct design layout for your kitchen means striking a balance between the three main elements of your kitchen – the cabinet (including the sink, backsplash, and countertop), the refrigerator, and your kitchen appliances.

These will create an ergonomic flow amongst the various items, helping you build a space that is easy to move around.

While choosing the kitchen layout, consider the following:

  • The floor space available for your kitchen
  • The area your natural wood kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, and appliances will occupy.
  • The space required to move around freely
  • The lighting of the room

If you get it right, you create a beautiful kitchen space that will be easily accessible and low on maintenance.

3.   Opt for Maintenance-Free Countertops

Countertops are attention grabbers in a kitchen. They also require regular cleaning and maintenance due to close exposure to daily cooking activities. Choosing one that will require low maintenance is a good idea.

Opt for quartz or marble countertops. You can also go for stainless steel or porcelain slabs. They often can be cleaned easily. They are available in plenty of colors, variety, and quality.

4.   Get Your Cabinets to Touch the Ceiling

The upper surface of your kitchen cabinets accumulates maximum dust and dirt, which are tedious to clean regularly. When your natural wood kitchen cabinets are tall, touching the ceiling of your kitchen, they won’t have an upper surface.

Another way is, if you have enough space in the lower cabinets, then you may opt to not have an upper cabinet. Although that might affect your storage capacity. Nevertheless, it will lower the maintenance efforts.

5.   Have Enough Storage Space

That brings us to an essential element of a tidy kitchen space – the storage space for your cooking activities.

If you want a clutter-free kitchen, ensure you make the most of the storage space available in your kitchen. An intelligent storage system will complement your kitchen’s tidy look by giving access to a cleaner surface area. It will eventually require less maintenance effort as well.

6.   Additional Tips To Build A Low-Maintenance Kitchen

  • If you are conscious about clean spaces, opt for closed glass door natural wood kitchen cabinets. They let you see what’s inside, and hence, give you easy access to the items, yet keep the entire portion clean of dust.
  • Choose a cabinet style, such as shaker-style or traditional slab-front style. Their simple and plain panels and straight lines make them easy to clean and maintain.

Making Your Kitchen Stylish and Tidy

Modern kitchen designs give ample scope to build kitchen spaces that are not only stylish, suave, and sophisticated, but also easy on maintenance.

Installing a natural wood kitchen cabinet according to the design requirements and implementing some smart designs can ensure your kitchen is really low on maintenance.