How Do You Clean A Starmex Aircon
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How Do You Clean A Starmex Aircon

Air-conditioner works by circulating coolants with the pipes that are connected to the internal and external compartments and other components. When it comes to aircon servicing, from the filters, fans to the compressors and condenser, each component plays a vital role. As the aircon servicing Singapore Company recommended the regular maintenance of these components as it ensures smooth functioning of the system and even reduced the costs of aircon repair.

Well, come to the point, in this post we are helping to unfold the question of how do you clean a starmex aircon. Keep reading, and take a look!

Basic Cleaning of StarMex Aircon You Needs to Know:

As aircon installation company in Singapore recommended to open the cover, and then you have to remove the green mesh filter for your aircon servicing/cleaning.  Keep in mind, the companies of aircon servicing Singapore always prefer to use a mild soap or just rinse starmex ac with water.

Right after, head to the bottom panels, means you have to click the two locks to the right to move this pane. Remember that there are only two panels, which can follow by pulling out both plastic vanes.

When it comes to starmex aircon servicing or cleaning, you have to bring vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dust and wipe it off using a damp cloth. However, it is only the basic cleaning of starmex AC.

If you decided to do in-depth cleaning, then you ought to remove more parts and clean the blower.

The experts of aircon servicing Singapore Company say that dirt accumulates in the drain tray and the dirty blower is one of the major causes of smelly AC.

Well, give a read to know more about the cleaning of star mex AC blower.

Cleaning of Star Mex aircon blower:

You can find out two screw caps on the right and left; there is a need to remove them and unscrew both screws to open the entire cover of AC. Then, you ought to slightly open it from the bottom to top.

Right after, you have to loosen the right black portion (We believe that is the AC remote sensor) towards the right. You have to slowly pull up the black tags where the two screw caps were; you can find 3 of them that help to tighten or support the drainage tray. Then, slightly lower the drainage tray towards the right.

Do take note, there is a need to wrap off the excess water from the drainage tray, it helps to prevent them dripping to the ground or splash on your shirt when you are lowering them to the right.

On the left side of the AC unit, you can find 3 screws to unscrew with.

Right after, you ought to loosen the screw in the blower; you can find a small opening in the right side of the blower to access the screw. There is a no need to take out the screw, just loosen it will work.

No doubt, you will face a hard time while putting the screw back in. Through the blower screw loose, you can readily remove the blower part from the left, then slowly pulling it out and downwards.

  • It means, now you will have access to servicing or cleaning the inside of AC unit
  • You ought to use a water hose as it helps to splash the dirt off the blower

Finally, you have to stick on the reverse steps to assemble back your AC unit.

The Final Words:

According to aircon installation Singapore Company, if you want to increase the functionality of your AC, then you ought to maintain your AC regularly. And, make sure that you follow the right cleaning method for each component as it is the only way that saves the costs of aircon repair. Thankfully you come to know about the right way to clean a starmex AC – Good Luck!

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