How to Decorate Your Home Décor with Wall Clocks?
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How to Decorate Your Home Décor with Wall Clocks?

What home décor items come to your mind when you think of decorating your home? Is it hanging lights, a chandelier, planter vases, or what?

However, it’s not sure how many of you might think about a floor, wall or mantel clock when it comes to home décor. They may not seem obvious at first, as you are so used to using clocks as functional items that you often overlook their aesthetic appeal.

Your approach to decorating will be very different if you view a clock not only as a piece but as an expression of you.

A clock that is well-chosen becomes part of the room’s furniture. Clocks have been used to decorate homes and infuse them with character and atmosphere for centuries.

They can be used in any decor style, whether traditional, modern, country, whimsical or vintage.

How Do You Decorate with Clocks? Are there General Guidelines to Follow?

There is no one right way to approach it. What you may find to be the most effective in selecting a timepiece for a room is to consider these four elements in relation to the elements: color, shape and style.

Clocks can be used for many different motifs. They are versatile and complementary. There are so many options, but the best way to determine what will work is actually to use it.

Trust your artistic instincts and use your eyes. You may be surprised. A clock is often the best tool to help you decide what to do in the final touches of a room. Sometimes, it’s the unplanned finishing touches that are the most important part of the overall design.

Take a Look at your Home

While you are doing this, think about color, shape and style. Next, choose a timepiece you like, and that complements your decor.

Then relax and enjoy the beauty and interest it brings to your space. You can decorate your room with a clock as easily as hanging it on a wall. But there are other ways, as you’ll see.

You Can Use Clock as a Focal Point of Your Room

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You may not need a clock to match the theme of your room. There are many creative ways to make your clock “center stage.” Here are some suggestions:


Some locations in a room are more visible than others. Place your clock in an easily visible spot. You can do this by placing it right across the entranceway, so it is the first thing you see as you enter the room.


Use stylish wall clocks in oversized sizes, such as our 36″, 39″ and 49″  ‘sizes. They will surely grab attention. Sometimes, a large clock can create a dramatic effect in a room.

Color and Tone

Do you want to grab attention and create excitement in your rooms? Brightly colored clocks are a great option for this. Even if your room is mostly of neutral colors, brightly colored clocks can be a great way to do that.

A busy pattern clock can bring life to a room with many solid colors. A dark clock can be placed on a white wall or wall with a light color. If your wall is dark, you can place a lighter clock. It’s a common technique used by painters.

A single dark area can add the necessary contrast and emphasis to a painting. You can create a pleasing arrangement by playing with the colors, shapes and patterns of your clocks.