How to Remove and Dispose of Old Carpet
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How to Remove and Dispose of Old Carpet

There are numerous ways you can use it for carpet removal. The choice of which depends on the condition of the carpet, and your preferences. Again, there are several reasons why someone may decide to have a carpet removal project. It may be because you’re having a new one coming, or simply because the old one is tattered.

So, when the time comes for carpet removal, you may be stuck on how to go about it. Worry not, as we have compiled a list of carpet removal methods that you can use below.

Using a Carpet Removal Company

This is by far the best method you can use for carpet removal. Contact a local service to come and remove the carpet and haul it away. Many of these services are around, thus, it would help if you shortlisted them.

After shortlisting, analyze their websites and online reviews to choose the right service provider. The advantage of hiring a carpet removal company is that they get to do all of the heavy-lifting and rigorous work. You don’t even have to be there to supervise if you don’t want to.

Besides, the trouble of disposal remains their concern and not yours. You can remove the carpet on your own, but when it comes to disposal, you might be easily stuck.

Get a DIY Carpet Removal Project

It is possible to do a DIY carpet removal project, only that it’ll take a bit of your time and a significant amount of effort. Lifting it up from the floor isn’t easy, as you’ll need to use the right tools.

For a DIY project, you might also need assistance from friends or family, depending on your stamina and tolerance levels. Some of the tools you’ll need include a utility knife, pliers, gloves, and a dust mask. Have duct tape too so that you can hold pieces of carpet together to avoid rolling off.

You might also want to rent a dumpster when handling this project on your own. This will help you get a good spot to dispose of the items before the carpet removal company comes to haul them away. A 10-yard dumpster should be enough for the typical carpet removal project. If you don’t think a dumpster is important, then consider garbage bags. However, confirm with the city waste management on their policies regarding carpet disposal.


Sometimes you don’t even have to dispose of the old carpet. After you’re done with the carpet removal, you can reuse it for different purposes. Some of the possible areas of application include the following:

  • Gardening. Even the worst form of carpet can work well with gardening. It helps to prevent the prevalence of weed on the farm. You simply need to place the carpet upside down and cover it using bulk mulch. If you aren’t a gardener yourself, find out about local groups doing gardening. Ask if they might be interested in taking the carpet.
  • Animal bedding. Animal houses can benefit from renovations thanks to old carpets. Apply it all around the interior of the house. This helps them stay warm at all times. Some of the animals that could benefit include your dog.
  • Mats. Repurpose your carpet to use it as a mat inside your house. This should especially be the case if it’s still in fair form. Just cut it into the same size as the mat and place it on your doorstep.
  • Offcuts. Use offcuts underneath the feet of furniture to prevent damage to the floor.

These are just some ideas you can use, there are tons of other ways to reuse an old carpet. You could also give it to a friend in need, who’ll definitely put it to good use. However, since old carpets possibly have a terrible smell, it’s not advisable to give them to friends or family, unless they’re the ones who’ve asked for it.

Sell or Donate

The odds of someone taking or buying an old carpet from you are pretty low. Nonetheless, certain websites and charitable organizations will take the carpets easily from you. Such includes Freecycle, which recycles old carpets. Other charitable groups may either come and pick up the carpet from you themselves, or request you to take the carpet to them.

People equally sell their carpets online through social media sites like Facebook. It’s easier to sell to your friends online than strangers you completely don’t know. However, items still go on craigslist, and you’re not likely to miss someone interested in picking up your old piece.

Generally, it’s all about your perception and judgement. If you feel that the carpet is too tattered to reuse, then simply contact a carpet removal company to discard it. You’re the one to decide which way you want to go. But still, buyers don’t just buy anything. So, beware of that.

Final Thoughts

All of the above are creative ways you can use for carpet removal and disposal. Pick the one that most suits your lifestyle and convenience.