Looking To Relocate? What You Need To Know Before Moving
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Looking To Relocate? What You Need To Know Before Moving

Moving houses can be exhausting, but it also means new beginnings. To make the moving smooth and your current home comfortable ensure that you choose the right property that meets all your requirements. Seeking the help of an estate agent will ensure that you choose the right property for you, and it is essential to stick to local estate agents for the best results. For example, if you are looking for properties in Orpington, estate agents in Orpington can help you find the right property for you in the neighbourhood. Once you have zeroed in on the property, you can make your moving smooth using the following checklist.

Inform your landlord and agree on a date

If you are moving from a rented house, you need to give your landlord a notice period and inform him of a date on you which you will be shifting. Agreeing on a date helps in rent calculation and will give your landlord a heads up about your moving. If you have an estate agent, he can help you with the proceedings of the rental agreement. It is always recommended to choose a local estate agent in accordance to the neighbourhood in which you are looking to move. If you’re looking to move to a house in Beckenham, choose estate agents in Beckenham to choose the right property for you.

Seek Quotes For Removal

Unless you are planning to pack and carry out removal on your own, you need to speak to vendors and get quotes to choose the best service. Make this a priority as it is the first thing you will need. You can select the services if you’re using a removals service. You can choose a full-fledged service that includes packing, removal and van rental, or you can choose to pack yourself and avail services only for removal.

Redirect Mails And Update The New Address In Your Bank

Redirect your mails through Royal Mail so that you do not miss communications and refrain from identity theft. You need to pay a small amount and subscribe to the service for as long as you want, like six months to 12 months. You can set up your mail redirect on the Royal Mail website.

It is crucial to intimate your bank about the address change and ensure that all communications are directed to your present address. Another important address change you need to make is in the electoral list. You can do this by visiting gov.uk

Move Your Tv Licence And Internet Broadband

One of the important means to keep you entertained in your home is a TV connection. Intimate the TV licensing company about a change in address to continue enjoying your leisure time at home. Another important requirement in today’s world is an internet broadband connection. Be it for your work or entertainment. An internet broadband connection is essential, hence making an application to set up a broadband connection as soon as you move in.

Infographic by moving leads company, USA Home Listings.

Check If Your New Home Is Insured

If you are buying a new home, then insurance is important as per your mortgage condition. Ensure you have your home insured if you are buying or renting as it gives protection to your home and your belongings. You can ensure your home 30 days in advance. The insurance will begin right from the date you move in if you have an existing insurance check if it covers the moving of home. In that case, you will need to provide your insurer with your new address.

Note Down Meter Readings Of Utilities

Before you move to your new home, ensure that you take a reading of the water, gas and electricity meter. Take a picture that will be time stamped to pay for what you have used once you have left the property. If you fail to do so, you will end up paying for some else’s usage too. The utility companies will allow you to intimate your new address on their websites.

Apply For Parking Permit

If your new neighbourhood has a residents-only parking area, apply for the same even before you move in to avoid hassles later. Contact the local authority in the area for the parking permit. If it’s a private residential parking scheme, you can apply directly through them.

Pack And Mark The Box Of Essentials

To avoid endless searching and mess once you move in, pack a box of essentials that you can unpack the first thing when you reach your new home. Pack essential things, including important documents and paperwork for your house move, passport, refreshments, phone charger, toilet roll, cleaning products, bin bags, vacuum cleaner, and if you have kids, pack something to keep them entertained while you set up your new home.

These are some of the basic but essential things to take care of while moving to a new home. Strike these off your checklist to make your moving day hassle-free!