Small Bucket Truck 16A from Socagr: The Perfect Vehicle for Urban Development
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Small Bucket Truck 16A from Socagr: The Perfect Vehicle for Urban Development

The SOCAGE forSte 16A SPEED is an aerial bucket truck on a frame vehicles of less than 3500kg. Ideal for compact assemblies in vehicles with a short wheelbase.

Capable to reach a working height of 15,90 m andhorizontal reach of 7,50 / 9,60 m, with a load capacity of 230 kg in the basket. (2 operators + material). With 90º rotation of the basket to the left. + 90º to the right.

Modern architecture can be daunting. The urban landscape is changing with each passing moment, and buildings only seem to get taller and taller. It leaves very little room for decoration and sprucing. A lot is required to reach such heights, which can seem tedious.

Ladders may not exactly be the safest way to reach new heights. While there are industrial-length ladders, stability comes into question at some point. It limits what a person can do once they reach a ladder’s peak.

Thankfully, there are other options. One great solution is the small bucket truck. They are compact enough to fit almost anywhere, and the aerial platforms attached are long enough to get you where you need to be.

The small bucket trucks are perfect for urban development. The terrain may not always be stable enough for a standard aerial platform, and that is where the 14a comes into play. It can get into cavernous buildings with high ceilings and has quite a few uses.

Here are some reasons why the small bucket truck might be the right fit for you.

1) Ideal for Urban Environments

The modern landscape is very fluid. You may need to perform maintenance on a tall building or hang lights in some hard-to-reach places. The difficulty is compounded when the ground isn’t exactly level where you intend to go.

Thankfully, the small bucket truck is compact and fit to traverse urban terrain. It’s small enough to get into tall buildings. It works with stability outriggers to provide a level footing while in use. The basket also boasts an impressive range of motion to ensure you can reach as high or far as possible.

2) Perfect for Setting Up a Festive Mood

We are rapidly approaching the holiday season. Homes will soon show their festive spirits by hanging up decorations, hoisting Christmas trees, and adorning their houses with Christmas lights. This is easier with smaller homes, but what about larger spaces?

Malls, shops, and more typically deck their halls and walls with signs of the holidays. Sometimes, ladders are not enough to get as high as you need. The small bucket truck is compact enough to navigate the walkways and empower decorators to do a good job. The aerial platform also has enough space for decorators and contractors to carry their tools.

Final Thoughts

Safety tools such as the small bucket trucks make it easier to install fixtures or work at great heights. These trucks are not only compact but versatile. It should be your utmost consideration when flagging off a construction project.