Solas New Capital the Ideal Location for Businesses
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Solas New Capital the Ideal Location for Businesses

Many companies nowadays provide a separate building for their employees. These structures are designed for complete stress-free environments. One such project in the Administrative Capital of Egypt is the Solas New Capital. It provides high-class facilities. But the place is only built for the employees.

Solas New Capital consists of several administrative units. These units are specially designed for the comfort of management. So, an employee can relax and have a stress-free working environment.

We have written an in-depth guide about this project. This will help you choose a particular unit in this project.

Why Choose Solas New Capital?

The Solas New Capital is situated in this financial district of the New Capital area. It is a particular area for finance and business. The exact location is plot 2.25B. This is the best areas for investment. Several banks and stock exchange companies can be found here.

The entire area is surrounded by popular locations. The Presidential Palace is just next to the Solas New Capital project. The Green River and Downtown commercial area are 5 to 10 minutes away from this region. Moreover, you can reach New Cairo and the international airport within half an hour.

The entire area of the Solas New Capital covers 8000 square meters of land. The project is only built for administrative units. So, you won’t find any commercial or medical units in this place. In addition to that, the building only occupies 30% of the overall space. You will find 298 administrative units and 248 parking spaces.

Features and Working

In Solas New Capital, you get more than you paid for. The place is filled with luxury and exotic items. Apart from the design and materials used, the area provides superb features. We have listed a few of them here:

  • Continuous flow of electricity.
  • Air-conditioned areas throughout the project.
  • High-quality paints are used with a marvelous color scheme.
  • German hard fiberboards are provided in almost every package.
  • You can also opt for porcelain and carpet weavers for the floors.

Price list

The pricing of a unit starts at 34,500 EGP and goes up to 43,500 EGP per square meter. The main factor behind the cost of an area is the location. The company also provides a discount of 15% according to the package.

The installment plan is pretty efficient in Solas New Capital. The company provides a long 8 years investment plan to gain customers. Here, you do have to pay a 10% reservation fee and another 10% after receiving the receipt. The rest is paid in equal installments over the years. However, if you wish to pay in cash, then you can get a heavy discount. 30% is cut off from the total unit’s price.

Why Solas New Capital is Ideal for Employees?

With exceptional facilities for a working environment, the Solas New Capital is a great choice for companies. When an employee is satisfied, the work will be completed on time. From a company’s point of view, this is the best investment.