Striking Tips On How To Store Food Properly In The Fridge
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Striking Tips On How To Store Food Properly In The Fridge

Refrigeration has remained essential always to protect our food for a long and make it eatable even after 2 or 3 days. Have you ever seen any kitchen innovation that looks needier and promising just like a Fridge?

If we have in our home a mighty modern marvel Fridge, it will not only keep our food and beverages chilled for a long but will also help us reduce food wastage at the same time. This will lead to saving more of your money and extension of the shell life of various eatables. These freezing accessories have remained so useful that even if a person would move to a new studio apartment, he or she would always prioritize first buying cooking gas, a fridge, and a range hood as compared to buying microwaves and dishwashers for your home.

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Here are some refrigeration and storing tips for your food or leftovers.

Top Shelf

The top shelf is always kept to place the things that you consume in a day or two. It’s always best to keep them in front of your eyes so you might always remember them. At the top place, you can keep your leftovers, perishable items, yogurt, and cut-out fruits as well as veggies.

On the Second Shelf

You can keep milk, cheese, jars of masalas, jams, and more here in this particular compartment. Keeping these things in this place would help you memorize the things that are available here and you would access the required things whenever you need them.

Group the Foods

You can also keep similar food in groups as well. So, when it will be time to prep up a grocery list, you will be able to see exactly what you have and need to buy from the stores. You will also get to know a specific condiment if you need it.

Don’t Put Dripping Food Into The Fridge

Foods with higher moisture content often leak, so line the fruit and vegetable bins with paper towels to prevent leaking. Goods like meat and poultry are prone to dripping and should be placed on the bottom shelf, where they will cause the least damage to other foods.

Preserve Seasonal Things

The items that you no longer need in the fridge must be wiped out. But if you want to preserve some seasonal things inside the fridge like peas or anything else like that, you can do it by always peeling, washing and them keeping them in containers in the freezer. So, use them when they are required.