The 7 Biggest Sprinkler Irrigation System Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
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The 7 Biggest Sprinkler Irrigation System Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Sprinkler irrigation system companies provide numerous alternatives when it comes to product design, installation, parts, & services. If you are interested in bringing greenback to your lawn at your home or business, you should explore all the alternatives at the local lawn care store. Multiple design options cater to varying watering needs. The typical lawn sprinkler & irrigation system is composed of underground pipes which come with either spray or rotor heads to optimize the amount of water released and commercial snow removal services. Sprays are used in smaller areas. Rotors rotate water streams up to 360 degrees & are used for the larger areas. The second type of irrigation design is better suited for commercial snow plowing services. The commercial parking lot sweeping unit is installed so that customers are impressed with the business before they even step foot in the door. Low-volume or much-targeted nozzles can help maintain the beautiful exterior without getting clients wet. They can also be customized to target certain plants or areas. Many irrigation companies provide free installation instructions and classes on maintenance.s Biggest Sprinkler Irrigation System Mistakes that You Can Easily Avoid are –

Digging Without Brief Checking

You do not check for the gas pipes or electrical cables earlier to digging. It is very hazardous if you hit the electrical cable. You can get the electrocuted & possibly electrically charge the whole sprinkler system. If you hit the gas pipe, then you can start the fire. Always check for the location of gas pipes and electrical cables in the yard before digging the sprinkler pipe trenches.

Depth of the Pipe Trenches

There is a big mistake that most individuals make in putting pipe trenches either too deep & too shallow. Pipe trenches for the in-ground sprinkler system require being at least 7 inches underground & no more than ten inches. If the pipe is less than 7 inches underground, PVC pipe is liable to the weight of anything above ground & can develop cracks. If the pipe is deeper than 10 inches, it might be difficult to tell if pipe is broken or cracked & it will take some work to dig them up.

Sprinkler Heads Operating in the Same Zone

Different sprinkler heads operating at same time in same zone. Different sprinkler heads – sprays, bubbles, rotors, drip – have diverse rates of precipitation. If you place diverse sprinkler heads in the same zone, you run the risk of having the dry spots in a watered area which means you will have to run this zone longer & spend more money.

No Rain Shut-Off Device

Do your sprinklers still run during the rainstorm or after numerous rains have fallen? If it is raining or it has recently rained, you do not need to be running your irrigation system. If your sprinkler system is old, you can update it and include a rain shut-off device. There are various new sprinkler systems that already include the rain shut off & you can actually face fines if you do not have one.

Five Irrigation Mistakes to Avoid

Heads Running the Same Amount of Time

Since various sprinklers have different rates of precipitation. They should not all be set to run for the same amount of time. If more water comes out of head, then this zone can run for a shorter time. If less water comes out of the head, then the zone needs to run for a longer time.

Incomplete Coverage of the Irrigation Head Zones

All the irrigation heads have a maximum distance to which they can reach so you require to accurately measure & install an irrigation system that you have full coverage.

Parts & Service

After the installation, the supplier is not done with the new sprinkler system. They offer crucial services & the parts needed to keep your lawn green. All such systems sometimes malfunction and wear down due to the regular weathering. Organizations have technicians which are particularly trained to fix all the issues related to the pipes.

Winterizing and Raining

If the time of year comes around when your lawn no longer requires watering, the sprinkler irrigation system technicians should come out to your house. And, this switch off the water flow before first freeze. It will also ensure the problem-free start-up in spring. No one wants to waste their water & money. So, many companies have developed the wireless rain sensor which detects the first raindrop & automatically shuts off the water flow. And, the sensor simply clips to the rain gutter. It usually has a 5-year shelf life, multi-function receiver, & the ability to adjust the varying amount of rain.

Educating yourself will help when exploring the appropriate sprinkler irrigation system design & company for your business or home. With the appropriate sprinkler irrigation system, you can bring greenery to your lawn.

How Irrigation Software Can Help As Well

Irrigation software plays a crucial role in modern agriculture as it offers numerous benefits and addresses the challenges associated with traditional irrigation methods. Firstly, it provides precise control over water distribution, allowing farmers to schedule irrigation based on crop needs, soil moisture levels, and weather conditions.

This ensures that plants receive the right amount of water at the right time, preventing both under- and over-irrigation. By optimizing water usage, irrigation software promotes water conservation, especially in regions facing water scarcity or drought conditions. Additionally, it enables farmers to remotely monitor and manage irrigation systems, saving time and labor while increasing operational efficiency.

With real-time data on soil moisture, weather forecasts, and water usage, farmers can make informed decisions, detect potential issues, and implement adjustments promptly. Ultimately, irrigation software contributes to higher crop yields, improved resource management, and sustainable farming practices, making it an indispensable tool for modern agriculture.