The Benefits Of Natural Ventilation
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The Benefits Of Natural Ventilation

Mother Nature might not be responsible for the aluminium louvres in Australia, but she is still the world’s greatest inventor. What she has made for us is always best. Fresh food instead of processed. Water instead of sugary soft drinks. And natural ventilation instead of artificial cooling methods. A combination of louvres and nature makes for a good combination – the best of both worlds.

When it’s hot, we usually turn on the air conditioner without a second thought. The unit cools the hot air and in doing so, produces moisture and condensation which must be channelled away. As a way of keeping us cool in a healthy way., air conditioning just doesn’t stack up in comparison to what Mother Nature has given us – natural ventilation.

By living and working in naturally ventilated spaces, we are doing ourselves a whole lot of good. The fresh air delivered through natural ventilation can enhance our heart rate, blood pressure, and energy levels. It strengthens our immune system and boosts our serotonin levels to make us feel happier and more relaxed. The World Health Organisation also reports that natural ventilation can reduce lung-related illnesses by up to 20%. It does all this while keeping us cool, so as a way to beat the heat, it provides benefits on many levels.

The World Health Organisation also states that natural ventilation can enhance the cooling of buildings, and deliver 25 to 50% in energy savings.

Architects to landscapers to homeowners have picked up on these encouraging statistics because increasing ventilation in new and existing buildings has become more of a priority in recent years. It’s no surprise then that features like high ceilings and air spaces at ceiling level are in vogue.

There are other ways to boost natural ventilation in our homes and commercial premises and the use of aluminium louvres is just one of them. Take a look around and you’ll notice that more and more louvres are being incorporated into new builds, or added to existing properties. That shouldn’t be a surprise. There’s no more simple or obvious way to let the fresh air in. As a bonus, today’s louvre systems are a striking architectural feature as well & are available in a huge range of powder-coated or anodised colour choices.

Natural ventilation is good for us,  both as a power saver, and a health booster, it is far superior to any artificial cooling method.