Top 5 Advantages Of Having An EnSuite Bathroom
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Top 5 Advantages Of Having An EnSuite Bathroom

These days having an en-suite is pretty much a basic must-have request, especially for home buyers anyway. If you already have one at you home, then you most likely know how beneficial and advantageous they really are however if you don’t, you may want to know a little more about their benefits- before making a decision- which is why we’ve put together these 5 beneficial reasons to get one installed.

What are the top most beneficial reasons for adding an ensuite? Here are our top 5

1) Adds value

Adding an ensuite to your home will most definitely add some value to your property, these days they tend to be on every buyer wish list so adding one- whether you are thinking of selling now or later- is a good choice to make. Think about it, there could be a property of the same description (and budget) within your neighbourhood yet doesn’t have an ensuite; this would make your home the more favourable option.

2) ConvenienceĀ 

Let’s face it, as we all know from hotel experiences, having an adjacent bathroom is incredibly convenient, it reduces the need for scrambling around in the dark, trying not to disturb the rest of the household, frantically feeling for the switch to get some light whilst making your way to the loo. Instead, you have the bathroom right there next to you!

3) Privacy

Ensuite bathrooms are wonderful, in fact, they offer some privacy space, away from the hustle and bustle of the family bathroom. People who have ensuites often comment on how having one allows for some relaxing, quiet time that is peaceful and totally unique since it’s their very own private space.

4) Time saving

For busy households the morning rush can be somewhat horrendous, especially when everyone is scrambling to use the bathroom. Having an ensuite bathroom saves heaps of time, since its extra bathroom space and for you, it means you don’t have to wait to around, nor share your bathroom with anyone so that lateness can become a thing of the past.

5) Growing families

You may be a single occupant or as part of a couple right now, but in the future, if plans to have a family are on the cards you may be in need of some extra bathroom spaces, especially as the family grows. Why not get one installed now and get you home future-proofed for later on!