Using Robotic Pet Vacuums To Keep Your Home Clean
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Using Robotic Pet Vacuums To Keep Your Home Clean

The Cleaning Issue Imposed by Having Pets in The Home

Over 150 million pets reside currently in American households, with pet hair piling up and dirtying homes across the country! Dogs have nearly 60,000 hairs per square inch and cats possess approximately 130,000 hairs per square inch, with cats shedding year-round and dogs shedding mostly in the spring and fall. Busy homeowners can often be overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning work that piles up due to busy work schedules and household pets shedding large amounts of hair. Children can also aid in accumulating large amounts of dirt in the home and need to be supervised and cared for, increasing the workload for homeowners. Having a busy work schedule and keeping an active home is cause for the home to quickly devolve into a state of uncleanliness and disarray. After working long hours and taking care of the children and pets, cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your home can be a daunting task; with technology aiding overworked homeowners in the task of cleaning their households. Robotic pet vacuums have eased the burden on busy homeowners, allowing them to simply relax while their home is vacuumed by a robot that is controlled by a smart phone app.

The Solution: Robot Vacuum Technology

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Robot vacuums can be summoned to clean at random and can be programmed to clean on a schedule. Most modern homeowners don’t even have basic cleaning schedules, which partition certain sections of the home to be cleaned more frequently or on certain days. For example, the common area where pets and children enter after an outside play session can quickly accumulate dirt and hair and needs to be cleaned on a more frequent schedule. Since the common area is prone to being dirtied, robot vacuums can be programmed to clean the common area on a premade cleaning schedule. Robotic vacuums can also be summoned at-will to clean an area after a pet has been brushed. The excuse of being too tired or too overwhelmed to clean up after your pets is solved by the invention of the robotic vacuum.  While many firms are producing robotic vacuums to break into the growing industry, Neato Robotics is home to the industry’s premier robotic pet vacuum.

Introducing the Industry’s Best

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Neato Robotics has the world’s best robotic vacuums, specializing in cleaning up after your pet and keeping your home clean. Neato’s products have a “D” shape that allows the robot to vacuum pet hair in often inaccessible corners, beating out its competitors that have a circular shape. Neato’s vacuum can clean on maximal settings for prolonged periods of time and can map a home’s layout and obstacles using laser technology. Lidar allows for the vacuum to illuminate the home with lasers and scan the home’s layout on multiple levels, making sure that the robot does not get stuck on debris or other household obstacles. A home that is hair-free requires Neato’s superb product!