What You Need To Know About Extension Cord Safety
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What You Need To Know About Extension Cord Safety

Extension cords are a convenient solution for providing power in various situations. They allow us to reach electrical outlets that are not easily accessible and extend the range of our devices. However, it is important to understand the potential risks associated with extension cords and prioritize safety when using them. Statistics indicate that improper use of extension cords causes about 3,000 house fires each year in the U.S.

At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we’ve put together a number of tips to help you keep your property safe when using extension cords.

Tips for Extension Cord Safety

Choose the Right Extension Cord

It’s important to select extension cords that are suitable for the intended purpose. You should consider factors such as cord length, wire gauge, and ampere rating when buying extension cords. Using an inappropriate extension cord can lead to overheating and potential fire hazards. For instance, if you intend to use the extension cord outdoors, choose one that is outdoor-rated. If you need help with choosing extension cords for you needs, reach out to a qualified electrician in Oak Lawn or an electrician in Farmers Branch for help.

Inspect Cords for Damage Before Use

Damaged or frayed electrical cords are a serious electrical safety risk. It’s advisable to check your extension cords regularly for signs of damage and promptly replace them when they begin to show wear and tear.

Keep Extension Cords Away From Sources of Water

Water and electricity do not mix well. For this reason, electrical cords and equipment should be kept at least 5 feet away from sources of water unless they are specifically designed for outdoor or wet conditions.

Keep Extension Cords Away From Heat Sources

Avoid placing extension cords near heat sources such as furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and space heaters. Excessive heat can damage the cord’s insulation and cause fire hazards.

Store Properly

Correct Extension Cord Sizes Are Critical to Safety

When not in use, store your extension cords in a place where they won’t be subjected to physical damage or moisture.

Extension Cord Safety: What to Avoid

  • Do not exceed the recommended load capacity of an extension cord—overloading an extension cord can lead to overheating and cause fires.
  • Do not run cords under carpets or rugs—not only could this be a tripping hazard, but these materials can trap heat and increase the risk of overheating.
  • Don’t force a plug into the wrong kind of outlet.
  • Do not use indoor extension cords outside.
  • Don’t plug multiple cords together.
  • Don’t plug a space heater into an extension cord; space heaters should only be plugged directly into an outlet to reduce the risk of fire.

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