15 Money-saving Tips for Bathroom Remodeling
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15 Money-saving Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

People usually get intimidated by the idea of bathroom remodeling, and what’s the common reason? It’s expensive! Homeowners take years and years to convince themselves for the bathroom renovation, cost is the only thing that comes to their mind. Here are a few money-saving tips that will help you to give your bathroom a new look. These bathroom remodel ideas on a budget will not only improve the functionality of a place but allow you to implement cost-saving measures.

1. Using the Existing Piping

Relocating utilities like toilets, tubs, and sinks require a professional and increase labor cost. That‘s why it is good to keep the plumbing where it is.

2.  Framework

Turn the game up by adding an artistic and cost-effective touch to your mirror. Use your old mirror by changing the frame and hide the flaking that usually happens around the edges. You can also attach the mini led lights to make them stylish.

3. Save Money On the Toilet.

In many cases, there is nothing wrong with the old toilet, it just needs a bit of a refresh. Instead of replacing it in budget bathroom remodeling, you can just change the toilet lid and seat. It will save you much!

4. Vintage and Antique

You can cut costs by using old furniture as a bathroom vanity. If you have old wooden drawers or a dresser in your home that will need change, use your hidden creative person, and create amazing things for your bathroom.

5. Try Cheaper Alternatives

Having a minimum budget with a strong wish for bathroom renovation, not a problem at all! You can switch tiles to woods and mosaics to ceramics in your plan and save several bucks. By adding stone, marble, and wood instead of mosaics and tiles, you can create a luxurious look without overspending money.

6. Create an Illusion of Space

bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

If you have small space, you can create an illusion of space through open shelves. It also looks good when you put colorful towels, pretty soaps, and beauty products in it.

7. Spend Wisely On Lightning

Lightning is one of the things people want to change in bathroom refinishing, but it does not mean to break your bank. You can buy lightning from shop sales and home improvement stores. Pendants lights and stand lamps are most in-trend nowadays moreover you can easily find the cheap versions.

8. Pay Attention to The Shower.

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on the remodeling of a bathroom but ignore the old showerhead, which has scaled shower nozzles and low pressure. In your renovation project, don’t forget to install things that are good in both looks and functionality. Investing in a good shower is the only thing that you don’t regret in life. There are so many shower head types in the market, and it is important to choose wisely.

What’s more satisfying than a shower which gives you perfect pressure, saves water, and filters chemicals and minerals. Eco Shower technology is an ideal thing to add to your bathroom. It is a dermatologically approved product that filters 99% chlorine, fluorides, bacteria, and heavy metals from your tap water. Moreover, you didn’t have to contact a plumber as the installation process is super easy.

9. Go for Bright Paint Instead of Tiles.

You can skip tiles and go for less costly alternatives, which equally look good such as bright color paints.

10. Shelving Saves More Money.

Wooden cabinetry can be one of the most expensive things in your bathroom upgrading, on the other hand, shelving is a cheaper alternative. It provides you the same space. It also offers decorative options such as putting vases and pottery.

11. DIY (Do it Yourself)

The cost of remodeling your bathroom is based on two things; material and labor. If you try to do many things on your own, you will save hundreds of dollars on budget. As mentioned earlier, you can install your small shower head by yourself. There is no need for a plumber. Same like this, you can remove old things and scrape the old paint easily.

12. Go for The Subway Tiles.

There is no need to spend a lot on the floor in creating a luxury look. You can choose subway tiles for flooring. It is a rectangular, brick-like ceramic tile that is usually polished. It is cheap, comes in many colors and suits every type of bathroom plus it’s always in fashion.

budget bathroom remodeling

13. Smart Approach

If you want to refurbish your bathroom at minimum cost, it’s better to buy things from dollar stores, save marts, and auctioneers.

14. Consider Selling

Selling the unwanted and old fixtures to auction sites is a great option if things are still in good condition. Through this, you can recover the cost you spent on your new bathroom.

15. Sales Benefit the Most!

If you’re planning to renovate a bathroom after a few months and big winter or summer sales are going on, you’re lucky! Buying fixtures and accessories from Big discount sales are best for money-saving.

And of course, the last tip in any bathroom remodeling is to draw a nice hot bath for yourself after all your hard work. You really deserve this!