Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 2021
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Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 2021

2020 was a year like no other. It highlighted the importance of the cleanliness of our homes. As hygiene is the top priority of last year, we are expected to focus on making a germ-free interior. Easy to clean surfaces and antimicrobial fixtures are the need of 2021. It’s exciting that all bathroom remodeling ideas for this year have these items without compromising on style and looks. We always want our bathrooms to be smart, and luxurious but putting all the fancy things together and spending a lot of money isn’t a guarantee of achieving a timeless look. That’s why it is necessary to slow down and consider things more carefully. There is no need to flush out all the money you have, you can remodel the bathroom on a budget. Before your bathroom renovation must read these 15 money-saving tips.

We’ve gathered all the best bathroom decor trends in 2021 and list them down here. Make sure to read it fully and combine flooring, wall paint, and vanity designs, according to your choice.

1- Floating Vanities

A floating vanity is a bathroom cabinet that is attached to the wall and creates the illusion of floating in the space. It does not extend to the floor as traditional vanities do. The clean, minimalistic appearance of floating vanities work best in sophisticatedly designed homes. Floating styles have become increasingly popular in recent years and are still floating in 2021.

2- Large-Format Tiles

Tiny Mosaic tiles are a thing of the past. In 2021, you can refurbish your bathroom by adding large format tiles paired with natural stones or stone-look material. It provides a greater sense of spaciousness, easy to clean, and creates a continuity effect.

3- Back-Lit Mirrors

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A mirror in a bathroom is an essential thing for applying makeup, doing facial, or shaving, but its importance goes much further than that. While Remodeling this year, give special attention to mirrors as they give a luxurious look to your bathroom. Back-lit mirrors are so in-trend these days. They create a glowing effect on the wall which looks exceptional, creates an illusion of a floating mirror and is functional too.

4- Natural Touch

Placing Plant pots in your bathroom benefits you in so many ways. The natural touch in bathroom renovation creates softness, adds color, and removes toxins from the air. It is indeed a lovely visual addition.

5- Switch to Soaking Tub

Having a depressing routine increases the desire for a hot and relaxing shower, and adding a soaking tub to your bathroom is super satisfying for 2021. Soaking tubs are specially designed to offer the ultimate luxury by allowing you to submerge fully. They are freestanding and flat-bottom tubs, which adds great looks to your bathroom furnishing.

6- Fancy Shower Heads

Whether you need a boost of energy in the morning or want to relax in the evening after work. The best shower will make your routine much more refreshing. On the other hand, a bad shower can leave you to feel grumpier especially if the spray pattern doesn’t provide full coverage, water pressure is low or you are getting hard or unclean water.

There are many fancy shower head types in the market, but we suggest you install an eco shower head, which is good in both looks and functionality.

The latest Eco shower technology is the best choice for 2021. It not only gives you perfect pressure and saves water but also purifies it and filters all chemicals, minerals, and bacteria. Eco shower is a dermatologically approved product and a one-stop-solution for your bathroom.

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7- Warm Colors

In 2021, Refresh your home by giving it a fresh coat of paint. And, this time think out of the box and choose warm and vibrant colors. Here is a short-list of some trendy shades for 2021.

  • Pales Blues
  • Moody Greens
  • Warm Neutrals
  • Earthy Yellows
  • Chalk White
  • Gold and Silver

8- Luxe Lightning

Big chandeliers, drum pendants, and giant floor lamps are all very much in vogue for those who like their lighting to make a statement.

We hope that you will find this article helpful and interesting in your bathroom remodeling in 2021.