8 Best Useful Tips For Real Estate Online Marketing
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8 Best Useful Tips For Real Estate Online Marketing

Over the past years, like every other major industry, real estate has also gone through a plethora of upgrades. The ensuing pandemic has only accelerated this process, making the industry well ahead of its time. So many different ways of marketing real estate have come up online that it has changed the way people used to look for real estate.

From sitting down to research real estate listings to applying for various financial options, almost every single activity related to real estate has taken itself online. There have even been online real estate shows in which 3D models of real estate were showcased. Real estate video editors have become commonplace due to the effect of video marketing.

Due to such rapid upgrades, it’s inevitable that you improvise your online marketing approaches if you want to sell real estate online. And for this, you must have a good real estate marketing plan.

We bring you the eight most effective ways of pushing your real estate business forward in the online world.

1. Creating Detailed Videos

One of the most Influential ways of marketing in the modern era for real estate is the creation of video content. It is a move that no one can factually deny being of prime importance. It is too easy to see the kind of explosive growth video content marketing brings to the real estate industry. Therefore, you need to have a strong video content base.

Videos carry a complete and trust-inducing explanation for every stage of the process in the real estate industry. From the selection of a piece of real estate to its inspection, most of the decisions are made based on the first look. So you’d want to make sure you create real estate videos for real estate industry.

Creating a dedicated YouTube channel for your real estate listings and posting regular videos will also contribute to a great marketing plan. You could also use other social media platforms for distributing these videos.

2. Optimise Your Social Media Accounts

The next in line is social media. Having a social media account is deemed necessary because of the number of potential leads it can generate for you.

Making it easier for people to reach out to you and enquire about listings is also important to convert your leads. You can keep your messages open to everybody and provide detailed proposals whenever they ask.

Posting testimonials and feedback from satisfied customers regularly is also an excellent idea to assure people about your credibility. Additionally, try using hashtags and other ways to increase your traffic and reach.

Different types of social media cater to people with different interests. With options like short videos, images, and stories, social media is always the right place to communicate with potential buyers.

A well-planned social media strategy works in improving your discoverability and getting more people interested in your listings.

3. Make Virtual Tours Of Listings

Virtual tours are interesting, comprehensive, and appealing, depending on how they are created. They also bring in the most results.

A study from Realtor.com stated that virtual tours bring in about 87% more responses than listings that don’t have one.

Virtual tours offer a complete look into your real estate property, and it doesn’t even take that much to create one.

There are a ton of tools available online that help you create a simple yet convincing virtual tour without having to invest a lot of money into the process. Simply put, make sure that you get into creating a virtual tour of all your real estate sites for those who would want to see them without having to leave their homes.

4. Click High-Resolution Photographs Of Your Sites

While videos and virtual tours are becoming increasingly important, no real estate posting is complete without the inclusion of beautiful, high-quality photos.

Property photos are the first thing that purchasers notice when conducting an online house search.

If you can impress your customers through a screen, the only way to do it is through pictures and videos. Pictures have the same appeal as videos, so you’d want to work on them equally.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer to capture your property will go a long way. Posting pictures of your real estate sites on Pinterest can also be a great way of showcasing your listings.

5. Create A Real Estate Blog

People love reading blogs, enquiring about properties, and going through listings. So, why not have a dedicated blog for your real estate venture?

Posting engaging and interesting content on your blog can prove beneficial in the future.

Real estates blogs are different from general blogs on the Internet in that they have a visual appeal to them – everything from pictures to videos and GIFs is appreciated.

Optimising your blogs for search engines also helps them get discovered more than usual. In fact, it’s quite imperative in these times to have dedicated content producers who can write stunning blogs for you and appeal to people from across the Internet.

Creative Online Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Success

6. Create A Webinar Series

Create and upload educational webinars highlighting the benefits of your real estate listings. This will act as a virtual real estate agent working for you, explaining the pros and cons of your listings to your customers.

In fact, you can create beautiful, informative videos using real estate video editors.

A webinar series also addresses the queries and questions that your customers have about the properties and makes you seem more approachable and credible.

7. Have Cross-Platform Friendly Websites And Landing Pages

Having a website that people can visit and get more details about your listings is crucial in 2022.

Surely, there are a lot of third-party platforms that allow you to post your listings. But if you want complete creative control over your listings and want to show them the way you want, a website is a must.

Make sure you have a website that works on both mobiles and computers. Make them user-friendly, easy to browse, and navigate, while keeping them as informative as possible.

You must also have plenty of friendly landing pages. They tend to generate responses and bring traffic to your website.

8. Have A Brand Ambassador

Having a face for your business makes it seem more approachable and, more importantly, humane.

Using your brand ambassador and marketing your brand with the same person allows people to put their trust in a friendly character they seem it know.

A brand ambassador also allows people to become more inclined towards checking out your property, especially if they know the person behind the camera in their real lives as well.

At the end of the day, a purchase is more important because of the psychological incentive, so it’s advisable to have a brand ambassador for your real estate business.


With new changes in how the market works, you must regularly update your marketing plans.

These tips mentioned above will help you make it big in the marketing arena of real estate. Go through all of them and apply them to your real estate marketing approaches to make the most out of them.