Home Improvement Meets Home Defense
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Home Improvement Meets Home Defense

Spring is the time of year when nature revives itself and becomes reinvigorated following those frigid winter months. Of course, when you’re a homeowner, this also means a new influx of all the bugs and nuisance critters that accompany the springtime season. That said, several ways exist which will not only help you ward off creepy crawlers and unwanted annoyances, but will also help you complete some home improvement tasks all the same.

Lock it Up!

The primary way bugs and pests enter our domiciles is through broken seals and unnoticed gaps throughout our homes’ exterior. Therefore, it’s paramount that you inspect your home, especially near windows and doors, for any type of damage or deterioration—whether it be cracks or holes. Also, make sure to check your screens for any unwanted openings so you can identify the problem areas which need to be fixed.

Once you identify any damage to the exterior of your home, it’s crucial that you repair it right away! What’s more, it’s good practice to clean all your windows and, once wiped and dried, apply some type of moisture-proof or water-resistant caulk to their peripheral borders. Alongside cutting down on air-conditioning costs in the upcoming summer months, this preventative measure also makes a huge difference when trying to keep out those irritating insects and vexing varmints that accompany the warmer weather.

Finally, be sure to reinforce any other entryways into the home with the appropriate sealant or mesh so your houseguests remain limited to those you actually invited.

Trim Your Trees!

There are two reasons why trimming your trees is a good way to improve your living conditions. For one, trimming your home’s surrounding vegetation ensures your plants grow correctly and thrive as they provide shade and coverage to your home. By the same token, trimming your trees back lends to keeping those larger creatures out of your home, such as mice, rats, and squirrels.

Moreover, make sure you cut back any vines, ivy, and any other climbing vegetation, as these can be a direct way for critters to access your abode. Much less, try to clear out any plant life along your fences and perimeter walls to help fight unwanted invasions. After all, the last thing you want is a squirrel or rat making a cozy nest in your home’s attic.

Clean House!

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Lastly, cleaning your home is a great way to improve and maintain its condition while getting rid of those bothersome bugs. Cleaning your house from top-to-bottom will rid your home’s surfaces of trace foodstuffs and crumbs that often attract pests. Plus, a thorough cleaning will allow you to inspect your home for any latent signs of bugs or vermin, like droppings.

Now, while cleaning your home isn’t generally considered a home improvement, making sure to keep up with a regular cleaning regimen is a great preventative measure to take when trying to keep nuisance creatures at bay.

At the End of the Day

Preventing and resolving seasonal pest problems ensures your home stays enjoyable inside and out. At the same time, many common pest problems fall outside the comfort zone of what homeowners are willing, and able, to do on their own. So, don’t wait too long to contact your local pest control company before things get out of hand. Contacting a professional early on can not only save you tons of money in the long run, but it can also give you peace of mind throughout the year in dealing with those pesky pest problems.