Here Is How to Pick the Right Sofa This Father’s Day
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Here Is How to Pick the Right Sofa This Father’s Day

Relaxing as a family on the couch is a Canadian tradition. You may have fond memories of exchanging stories with your dad on the sofa over a homecooked meal. This Father’s Day, perhaps you can gift the most important man in your life a brand-new couch to remind him of these precious memories.

Certainly, there are many brands and styles to choose from. And you want to pick one that will match his home. We all know that fathers have a certain way of doing things. But don’t worry. This article will help you make the right choice.

Couch Material

The first thing to do is to take a picture of your dad’s living room with you to the showroom when you are couch shopping for him. It’s the best way to keep the gift a surprise. Alternatively, you can bring a sibling along to help, though this may make the shopping experience more complicated if there’s a dash of sibling rivalry.

The salespeople are usually experts. They can use the picture to show you several selections that match with your father’s taste and the room. One of the most important questions they’ll ask you is about the material. They’ll want to know if your father prefers something soft like velour, or comfortable like cotton. Your goal is to pick a color, style, and texture that complement each other.

Leather is probably the safest option. It will complement his other furniture and is of high quality. Updating a room with leather seating makes the whole house feel brand new. Keep in mind that it can be expensive. If you’re concerned about protecting your investment, long-term warranty programs are a good option.

Eco-friendly couches are also in style. Your father might appreciate a couch with sustainable materials like soybean-based cushioning, latex, or wool.

Couch Style

There is nothing more important than picking the right style. A modern looking couch can look out of place in an older looking setting and vice versa.

One of the best options for your father is an ottoman because of its fusion of old and new styling. Ottomans also come in many combinations of sizes, materials, and patterns. When you’re faced with a huge selection modern ottoman styles can seem endless, but we recommend picking a retro look for Father’s Day.

Color or Pattern

The salesperson will help you determine if your prospective couch should be a solid color or a pattern. Usually, most older consumers prefer nice looking patterns over single colors. However, if you feel your father prefers a single color, then try to get your father’s favorite. It’s Father’s Day after all! The salesperson may also ask you if your father’s house tends to attract dust. This will help them determine the best shade for lasting looks.

When in doubt, turn to the staff. They’ll help you find the best couch to surprise your dad. However, a salesperson can only guide you. The final decision is yours. After all, no one knows your dad better than you.