Tips To Create A Roomier And Lighter Kitchen
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Tips To Create A Roomier And Lighter Kitchen

For many homeowners, making a small space seem larger is one of the best (and money saving) ways to get more from their property without the need for extending or converting. Kitchens Bangor understand that the kitchen is the hub of a home, and making it spacious and lighter will only improve the overall quality of your kitchen.

For those with a smaller kitchen, making it feel airier and larger is a huge requirement. In order to get the best from your small kitchen, there are several things that you can do to make your space seem larger.

Use space-saving tricks

Possibly the biggest tip to create the illusion of more space in a kitchen. Small kitchens often have limited cabinet space, so maximising on the storage solutions is a big must. Corner cabinets are a great way to use wasted space in the kitchen, along with the inclusion of things like a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door. Make sure you do your research on cabinet types and styles before you install anything to ensure they can be used as space savers!

Maximise the workspace

A big problem in space kitchens is the limited workspace. Countertops are at a high premium in a small kitchen, and many experts actually recommend having your oven and hob in the same location in order to save space. Building appliances into cabinets is also a great space saving technique, freeing up that oh-so valuable countertop. By tidying things away and everything having a proper place in the kitchen, the countertops should be kept clear, this will make the room seem larger and will give plenty of space for preparing dishes.

Make the kitchen light-coloured

A simple way to give the appearance of a roomier and airier kitchen is to use a lighter colour palette. The use of lighter colours in a kitchen can help to make the room seem larger, when used with natural light this can be a wholly effective way to make the kitchen roomier.

Limit your personal features

Everyone is guilty of this – when fitting out a room, it is only natural to try and include personal touches and features which show off your individuality. This is a drawback in a smaller kitchen, there’s no problem with displaying some small items, but think about their positions for maximum effect. Decluttering your kitchen North Wales can be very therapeutic! Keeping a small space free of clutter is of paramount importance – the more clutter that is visible, the smaller the kitchen will look.

Furnish correctly for a smaller kitchen

A mistake often made when furnishing a smaller kitchen is using furniture that is completely inappropriate for the space. By choosing appropriate furniture, it can help a kitchen to feel bigger than it really is. Avoid using large pieces such as, heavy dining tables and installed benches – this will limit the space you can use. Choosing freestanding chairs with thinner legs will minimise the space taken up, you could also use retro or specialist designer furniture that has been made to narrower specifications.