Renovating Your House To Accommodate Friends? Invest In These Four Things
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Renovating Your House To Accommodate Friends? Invest In These Four Things

Circumstances in life inevitably make us part ways with our friends. Some have a different career path that they have to pursue while some choose to remain with us, work in the same company and even live in the same house. For this kind of friend who continues to cling to us, they deserve a unique space in our hearts and our own home. If you then decide to renovate your house to accommodate your best friend, you might redesign your house to put a new space beside yours, for your friend; however, doing so is difficult. Hence, you have to invest in several things to achieve your goal.

  1. Party walls

If you plan to join a new structure to your existing one, you will create a party wall between the residences. Party walls, although working to bring people closer, make for discomfort, as people from your home can hear noise from the other house. Fortunately, you can add features to your party wall like soundproofing, as long as you and your friends negotiate it. In helping you decide what to do, you can always talk to a party wall surveyor, like those at

  1. Common area

When friends are together, you can expect fun times to happen, so apart from just adding space to sleep for your friend, you can also add a common area. If ever you choose to build a common area inside the house, you will need a significantly big space for you to enjoy. Hopefully, the place will also have equipment such as television screens, speakers, tables and chairs. On the other hand, if you choose to have a standard room, you need to set up the same equipment as well as a tent in case it rains on your party.

  1. Security system

Friends always look out for each other, and if you want to exercise your care to the fullest, you can opt to set up a security system in both residences. You can put up cameras in the corner of each room and also on the front porch just in case some stranger sneaks into your house. Alarms that go off when someone activates them or when someone passes by can also help secure the safety of everyone. Doubling the number of locks per door inside the house can help too.

  1. Wide garage

You and your friend are probably at the age where you already have your own cars, so might need a spacious garage to accommodate your friend’s car too. Having a garage can also secure your friend’s vehicle from getting stolen or damaged by calamities like heavy rainstorms.

Friendships truly can get stronger because of changes to the point that you can even live with them in a house. This benefit comes with a price, so when renovating your home for them, you have to prepare for certain investments.