Neat Oven Cleaning Tricks for a Sparkling Cooker
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Neat Oven Cleaning Tricks for a Sparkling Cooker

Cleaning the oven has always been unpleasant for every maid or homeowner, especially since it’s been quite a while, and all the burnt bits will require extra effort to be removed.

Unsurprising to anyone, this trend continues even nowadays, despite the advance of technologies and the fact that people have created numerous neat solutions for a quicker and easier resolution to such chores.

So, what’s there to be done? Let’s explore all our options that can make our work easier when it comes to finishing this dreaded kitchen chore fast and efficiently.

Why Is Oven Cleaning Such A Dreaded Activity?

The reason most people find this household task to be so unpleasant is obvious.

First, it takes a lot of time and effort for a single person to remove all the grease out of there. And second, scrubbing is a very tiring action, often resulting in injuries and pain.

Not to mention all the adverse side effects to our health when we have to use chemical cleaners because it’s been too long since we did any maintenance work.

I’m sure that absolutely every one of you wishes that the ovens could be cleaned all by themselves, right?

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work this way, for even the self-cleaning function on some of these appliances requires some effort to be able to remove all the gunk from there completely. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared and try to make this difficult task as simple as possible.

Fortunately for you, this can be easily done by implementing these neat oven-cleaning tricks into your cleaning routine.

Don’t Postpone

We all lead busy lives and tend to have too much on our plates. Trust us, we know all about that and how cleaning the oven is probably the last thing you want to do.

However, if you want this task to be easier and less painful, you should learn to do it on time and not postpone it for months.

Doing so will only make everything inside there a lot worse. The grease will stick for good to the inside of the oven, and no matter how hard you scrub, it will be practically impossible to remove it without the need to use harsh industrial cleaners, which have adverse health effects.

Therefore, the most important oven-cleaning trick we can teach you is never to postpone it. Schedule it in your calendar if you must, but get it done. This is doubly important in case you’re moving soon and have to do lots of things.

Heat Up The Interior To Loosen The Grease

We know that everyone has their own way of cleaning their oven, but we have noticed that most people just wait a very long time, then just spray some cleaning detergent on it, wait for a while and then start scrubbing.

And it happens quite often that these people cannot get rid of all the grease stains from the inside of the oven. They quite often blame it on the detergent, but the truth is that most people just don’t know how to clean it.

According to oven cleaning specialists, the trick here is that you must heat up the oven a little because the grease will loosen up a little, and it will be easier to remove it. You will save yourself lots of scrubbing and wiping this way.

Soak The Surface Before You Start Cleaning It

This is probably the oldest trick in the book. You can’t expect the grease stuck inside your oven for months just to give up and disappear. No, you must let it soak a little before you start with the hard part.

Usually, about half an hour is enough. You can spray it with harsh chemical detergent or use the popular baking soda and vinegar solution. It will fizz a little at first, but don’t worry – this is what it’s supposed to do.

While cooking. It’s a certain fact that your oven gets dirty only while you’re cooking. So, why not create a special cooking technique which will allow you to reduce the splatters to a minimum?

For instance, you can cover your food with foil or a lid while cooking. This way, there will be no sauce around the place, and you won’t have to clean it. There are many tricks like this one you can. You just need to be inventive.

Steam cleaning your oven with lemons is another excellent hack to loosen all the built-up gunk and grease before deep cleaning it. You can also use white vinegar and soda bicarbonate paste. Rub the interior walls and let the mixture sit overnight before you clean it.

Maintenance & Prevention

Even if you’ve taken up gardening as a hobby, all your hard work growing your own food may be spoiled if you cook them using a dirty oven. So, properly maintaining your appliance and keeping it clean is quite important.

One of the best possible things you can do to minimise dirt and grease and make the cleaning easier is to wipe the inside of the oven after each cooking. The grease and food particles are not so stuck then, and removing them will be much easier.

Another neat trick is to use oven liners. They are used to protect the bottom side of your appliance’s interior against spills and grease buildups. The liners are efficient and extremely easy to clean.

Most importantly, they will save you tons of effort and time, for your quarterly maintenance scrubbing work will be minimal.

Keeping a clean kitchen is surely hard work. That’s why, sometimes, it’s best to contact professional oven cleaners so they can take care of everything instead. This is particularly true during busy seasons or when you must perform end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Ensuring you rely on the services of licensed experts will save you time for more important things. It will also ensure your landlord won’t keep your security deposit all for himself using his favourite excuse – a dirty oven.


Keeping your oven clean is of utmost importance for its longevity and also for ensuring that your food’s taste remains excellent.

These were some of the neatest tips and tricks on how to achieve that and do so in a quick and efficient manner.

However, if you still don’t feel like doing all that tedious work yourself, you can always contact professionals to do it for you.